Your Track To Recover From Knee Surgery

My mission is to ensure EVERYONE recovering from knee surgery can access all the practical help and support they need to secure the outcome they deserve.

Are You Feeling…?

  • Isolated after your knee surgery, yet to see a physio, worried how it went and unsure about your recovery?

  • Frustrated at the lack of consistent physiotherapy and can’t afford regular private care?
  • Time poor and struggling to juggle work with the recovery demands and still maintain some form of social life and sanity!
  • Unable to return to all the activities you enjoy and don’t know how to progress?

If these stuck points resonate with you, you are in the right place!

What you can expect from me:

  • 1

    Live BI-WEEKLY group coaching calls with the opportunity to ‘ask me anything’ to get all your questions answered and learn from others.

  • 2

    Access to an invaluable private community to reduce that isolation and provide you with support, help and motivation from others in the same position as you.

  • 3

    Current and future courses providing step by step action plans at all stages of recovery.

  • 4

    Detailed videos of my favourite exercises, constantly updated to ensure you have the guidance needed to get the results you need.

  • 5

    A treasure trove of pre recorded, online, video tutorials offering all the tips and guidelines you need to recover from knee surgery from the pre surgical planning stage right through to end stage recovery to return you to sport and higher level activities.

Is This Platform Right For You?

This platform will not work for everyone.

  • It has been created for motivated individuals who are prepared to actually APPLY what they learn. Watching videos and reading the resources will unfortunately implement no physical or functional changes.

  • It will not instigate instant results. Recovery from knee surgery takes TIME. No one (I repeat…. No one) can beat biology. You have to be committed to the full process if you are to see the results you desire.

  • ACTION is essential to the outcome. If you want a passive approach to your recovery and do not want to do any physical activity your results will be significantly hindered.

For further information please read all the FAQs at bottom of page prior to booking. You can also drop me an email.

I Am The Right Person To Help You

Hi, I’m Davina – a physiotherapist with 18 years of experience, specialising in sports and exercise medicine. I have a particular passion for treating knee injuries and helping those who have undergone knee surgery.

Over the years, I have treated hundreds of patients who have faced the daunting and isolating feeling that often comes with the news of needing knee surgery. From ACL rehabilitation to total knee replacements, I have been there through the highs and lows of the recovery process, and I understand that patients often need more support than just the limited appointment times.

For the past ten years, I have been based in London, and my diary is constantly full. I have successfully created my own clinical space and developed strong relationships with a variety of orthopaedic consultants and healthcare professionals to ensure my patients receive the best possible care.

Throughout my career, I have noticed an increasing gap between the NHS and private healthcare, which can impact a patient’s ability to return to their desired level of activity after surgery. That’s why I decided to use my experience to create KNEEDFORPHYSIO – a platform that provides step-by-step guidance to those in need, without waiting lists or unanswered questions.


“Davina is highly respected in the physiotherapy world and loved and admired by her patients. She has an excellent CV and has worked in elite sport at the highest level, using her Master’s degree knowledge is sports medicine. Davina’s own lifestyle involves a great deal of exercise and healthy living, making her an excellent role model to her patients.

Davina was without a doubt the most professional, highly skilled and respected physiotherapist that has worked at the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy, held in high regard both by the administration team, as well as fellow medical staff.”

Clive D Lathey D.O MSc (Sports Medicine), Registered Osteopath, Sports Scientist, Clinical Director and owner of the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy.

‘I’ve had the privilege of working with Davina over several years. She’s been a fantastic colleague and friend in that time, helping so many patients along the way. She also helped me with my rehabilitation when l was recovering from injury. Thoughtful, with much attention to detail.
Excellent in every way, more than happy to recommend her expertise.”

Dr Rick Seah, Consultant in Sport, Exercise and Musculoskeletal Medicine.

“Davina is an excellent physiotherapist and I highly respect her professionalism and vast knowledge…Her expertise in managing especially sports related and exercise injuries made her invaluable person in my professional network…I cannot recommend her or testify to her abilities enough”

Dr Owain Evans, DC, MChiro MRCC, Doctor of Chiropractic and Board member for the British Chiropractic Association. Clinical Director and Owner of Backspace, Chiropractic Fitness

“Davina is, in a word, amazing. Listens attentively, has a deep understanding of the body and how each part is interconnected and uses these skills to identify the exercises that will work for you, along the way empowering you to make a difference…Davina provided an understanding ear but also her kind yet straight forward approach really helped me deal with the physical and also emotional elements of what had happened. She gave me exercises that I could actually feel working and that made me really feel the difference day by day.
Maybe one day I will be rich enough to pay her as my personal in house physio. :)”

Kate Courtney Taylor, (previous patient)

“Davina is the most amazing physiotherapist – she’s my go-to clinician when i need an expert to take care of my patients. She has a wonderful approach – especially when it comes to patients who in pain, and she empowers them to move well and recover well. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Dr Cath Spencer Smith, Consultant Sports Physician in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

“Davina is highly experienced and professional, but also very human – empathetic and kind. She has helped me not only with reducing the pain/helping me feel better, but also with how I conceptualise my pain – helping me to focus on positive management moving forward. I would highly recommend her, both for her practical skills as well as her thorough approach.”

Lucy Neiland

“I couldn’t recommend Davina more. Not only is she incredibly professional and knowledgeable, she also is very personable. She goes over and beyond what you would expect from a physio – answering text messages and calls – all with the eye to full recovery.”

Roelien Ruys

“Davina is really easy to deal with and sorted my issues out with clear, simple and effective advice and exercises – she’s done herself out of a job! Excellent service, thanks, and highly recommended!”

Jason Robinson

“Following a fantastic treatment by Davina, my knee is now pain free. Davina is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The training program was very easy to follow and well adapted.”

Rifat C

“After being in agony for over a week and not being able to walk for more than a minute, Davina helped me understand the pain I was feeling, more importantly the reason, enabling me to manage and seek specialist help after feeling undiagnosed when going to the A&E. Thanks Davina.”

Douglas Steer

“Thank you! Even though it was a remote session the advice given helped me fix a troublesome long term running injury”

David Gold

Ready to take control of your recovery with a trusted expert right by your side?

Ready to take control of your recovery with a trusted expert right by your side?

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