About Davina

Trusted For Her Knowledge & Experience

My Purpose

I want you to see me as a trusted friend. One that will share expert knowledge and resources to help guide and support you through your recovery after knee surgery. Kneed for Physio has been created because I strongly believe that EVERYONE should be able to access regular, professional and quality care after knee surgery.

It is essential if you are to see the best results. No one should be left isolated, confused or lost during this time. You deserve to have the opportunity to return to the full, active life that you enjoy.

My Story

I am very fortunate to be one of those people that LOVES their job. Annoying, I know! A career in the medical field was always very clear to me and experiencing injury and illness within my family from a young age was without a doubt a driving force to this choice. On achieving my Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy  I started work in spinal injury and neurological rehabilitation and after 2 years moved into the sports injury field.

Knees soon became my favourite joint to treat and I have had the pleasure to work with some truly fantastic people! Injuries have varied from the simple to the complex but after a further Masters degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine and collating 18 practical years with patients one thing still remains obvious: no one likes to be injured and everyone needs help to fully recover.

Through my career medicine has improved in extraordinary ways, however, I haven’t been able to ignore the increasing pressures on how this is delivered. Even in the private sector I have felt increasingly burnt out and frustrated to not be able to do more.

Furthermore I have been frequently surprised at the number of patients I have met who have been left unable to return to the activities that kept them fit, happy and healthy. Surely this should be the outcome if we are to remove pressure from our medical system in the long term?

This is why I have decided to change the way I work. I want to help more of you.

My Solution

Kneed for Physio is a unique platform that will ensure you never feel alone in your recovery from knee surgery. It does not aim to replace the essential face to face appointments but simply to assist you before, between and after them. This may be the case for those who:

  • Can’t afford regular private care

  • Have had surgery but yet to get physio on the NHS

  • Don’t have regular physio on the NHS (I ideally like my patients to see me twice a week for at least the first 2 months)

  • Struggle to commit to appointment times due to work, family and other lifestyle demands.

Get the help you need

I know all about the work that is needed to get you back to your goals after your surgery and I also know you can’t do it by yourself.

This site is full of video tutorials, live coaching sessions, exercise videos and an invaluable Facebook community to get further access to me and others who are going through the same process as you.

I aim to keep you on track so you actually reach the goals you set.